How to watch our live-stream on Facebook

First, use this link to go to the “St Benedict’s Live” Facebook page (which is not the same as our general Facebook page).

You don’t need to a Facebook account to watch the stream. You will be invited to log in but you don’t have to.

When the live stream starts it appears as a new post at the top of the right hand column when you scroll down below the title picture.

If the live post isn’t there you need to refresh the page using the refresh button near the top of your browser window which looks something like this:

Do that every minute or so until the post appears.

There are controls at the bottom of the video shown in the post among which are a pair of “enlarge” arrows that look like this:

Click that to go to the post. On the video on that page you will also see enlarge arrows when you point at the video. These will make the video full screen if you want. Use the escape key to return from full screen.

If you aren’t getting any sound look at the loudspeaker icon at the bottom right of the video picture. If that has a small x next to it, click it and the sound should come through – you can adjust the volume with the slider.

The Holy Communion booklet used at St Ben’s can be viewed or downloaded using this link.