Recording of the Easter Sunday Service

An edited Zoom recording of the Easter Sunday service made on a laptop placed by the pulpit steps can be watched by clicking the picture below.

The recording has had the instructions related to Covid safety (during the notices) cut, and also the Communion distribution before Philippa sings.

Due to a technical error involving muting, the recording is completely silent between 42’30” and 45’20”, so the “Blessed are you, Lord God of all creation…” declarations over the bread and wine cannot be heard. There are short sections of the Eucharistic prayer where Pamela’s lapel mike loses its connection and she is heard only faintly through the lectern mike. Her lapel mike is also switched off at the very start of the service but this is soon corrected.

If you need them the words of the hymns are in this PDF.

Click the picture to watch the video: